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Top Tips for Food Shopping

These are my top tips for shopping as plastic/waste free as possible.
🥦BAGS- Take your own shopping and produce bags EVERYWHERE you go. So I don’t forget mine, I always unpack them and put them straight back in the car (🙄I feel I deserve an eye roll for this).
🍑LIST- Plan your meals for the week and make a list of everything you need. It’s so bloody painful sometimes, but worth it. 
🌽PLAN- Make a plan about where you will shop, thinking about places where you can buy produce plastic free first. Farmers markets, bakery, butcher (ask to use your own bags and containers) and bulk food stores like Source are great first options before the grocery store.
🍒GLASS ALTERNATIVES- Look for items that come in glass jars rather than plastic. Sauces and condiments are an easy swap here.
🥕REDUCE PLASTIC- If you can’t buy something plastic free, than try and reduce how much plastic you buy. For example, buying 1 large tub of yogurt, would have less plastic than buying a lot of smaller tubs of yogurt.
🍐HOME COOKING- If you have time (and I know this is hard to come by) try making something like biscuits at home, instead of buying a packet, wrapped in plastic.
🍇DO YOU- I am no ‘know it all’ on this topic. I’m just a mum trying to do my bit for the environment and sharing my successes and failings along the way. Everyone is going to make changes in different ways and that’s ok, you just do you.

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