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Our Story

The Eco Teacher Collective team is a small family business, which begun with a passion to become more eco-friendly and to better educate our children with ways to protect our world.

Jess (Mum) is a teacher and still enjoys working in the classroom while also creating our handmade, eco-friendly alternatives. Steve (Dad) has taken on the responsibility of technical support and consistent confidence booster to keep this business running. Amelia, Jaxon and Ellie (kids) take great pride in expressing their opinions on the fabric designs and enjoy promoting our business when they open their lunch boxes at school.   

We both grew up in small country towns, in a time where waste management was not regarded as a high priority and we were only educated to understand that all waste went into landfill. However, there was also significantly less packaging on many food items like our fresh produce.

As time has progressed, all types of different packaging has been created for so many food items. Although these packaging ideas have made it easier for daily living, the large majority of them have not nor will they ever break down or degrade. This continues to have a negative effect on the environment and will impact the future of generations to come. 

Our vision at Eco Teacher Collective is to assist with and drive the reduction of harmful waste packaging that is impacting our environment, to make a better future not only for our kids but for future generations.



Jess, Jax, Amelia, Ellie and Steve.